Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders Hate SmartGreen Pest Control, You Will Love Us!

Wolf spiders are members of the family Lycosidae. They are robust and agile hunters with excellent eyesight. They live mostly solitary lives and hunt alone. Some are opportunistic hunters pouncing upon prey as they find it or even chasing it over short distances. Some will wait for passing prey in or near the mouth of a burrow. Wolf spiders are poisonous spiders and are capable of defensive bites. Symptoms of their venomous bite include swelling, mild pain and itching.

Residential Wolf Spider Treatment & Wolf Spider Pest Control

Great news! SmartGreen offers a residential pest control service for your home against Wolf Spiders. Better news! SmartGreen uses reduced risk materials which are just as effective but less toxic than our competitors. Since Wolf Spider infestation is usually hidden and not easily recognizable to an untrained eye, an effective Wolf Spider pest control program begins with a thorough inspection of your home by a licensed specialist. An effective Wolf Spider pest control program can be implemented after finding the proper genus of Wolf Spider and sites of infestation. By removing or reducing Wolf Spiders habitat and food source, SmartGreen Pest Control can control eliminate them for good. Our friendly, trained, and licensed residential Wolf Spider pest control service technicians perform a thorough inspection of your home and yard to uncover potential issues. We know where Wolf Spiders and other pests like to live and lurk, so we'll pinpoint these places. Then we'll provide you with a fully customized residential Wolf Spider pest control program to treat and eliminate entry points and nests. 

SmartGreen Pest Control utilizes our unique pest control protocol and green pest control products to monitor, evaluate, control, and eliminate Wolf Spider infestations on a regular interval. We accomplish this by greening our company’s operation, using reduced impact but proven products, methods and services, and acting responsibly toward the environment.

SmartGreen offers two types of residential pest control services against Wolf Spiders:

  • A Quarterly Wolf Spider Pest Control Service
  • A One-Time Wolf Spider Pest Control Service

If you are having problems with pests, such as Wolf Spiders and other insects, around the Kennesaw GA, Marietta GA, and Southwestern Cobb County GA areas, SmartGreen Pest Control can help you. SmartGreen Pest Control is a residential Wolf Spider Pest Control service provider that can help control and eliminate any pest control problem. Contact SmartGreen Pest Control by calling 404-937-7088 or by filling out our Pest Control Service Quote Form.

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